Host Committee

Richard Adair
Coretta Anthony-Smith, Esq.Anthony-Smith Law, P.A.
Jason Bankowitz, Esq.Bigney Law
Dick BatchelorDick Batchelor Management Group
David Bigney, Esq.Bigney Law Firm
Bruce Blackwell, Esq.Past President, Orange County Bar Association, Past Executive Director, Florida Bar Foundation
Jeff Byrd, Esq.Jeffrey M. Byrd, P.A.
Nathan Carter, Esq.Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, LLC
Amy CollisLifesimplified
David Evans, Esq.Mateer Harbert
Tiffany Faddis, Esq.Newlin Law
Josh Grosshans, Esq.Latham Shukar
Kim HawkRealtor
Robert Hemphill, Esq.Cullen & Hemphill, PLC
Jason Herman, Esq.Newlin Law
Amanda Jacobson, Esq.Jacobson, Chemlir, Ferwerda
Laurie JayMorgan & Morgan P.A.
Lauren Kilgore, Esq.CSK Legal
Frank Kruppenbacher, EsqMorgan and Morgan, P.A.
Hector LizasuainDirector, Planning & Government Affairs at Magic Development, LLC
Sonia McDowell, Esq.Quintairos Prieto Wood & Boyer, P.A.
Scott Miller, Esq.BurrForman
Rick Mitchell, Esq.GrayRobinson
Andrew Moses, Esq.Moses Rooth, P.A.
Dr. Timothy O’LearyOrlando Health
Fay Pappas, Esq.Bailey Fisher
Bill Ponall, Esq.Ponall Law
Alecia Reading, Esq.Law Office of Alecia Reading
Eric Reed, Esq.Shutts and Bowen
John Robinson, Esq.Dean Ringers Morgan and Lawton
Amanda Sampaio-Bova, Esq.The Law Firm of Amanda Sampaio, P.A.
Paul San Giovanni, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A., Past President, Orange County Bar Association
Coretta Anthony-Smith, Esq.Anthony-Smith Law, P.A.
Roy J. Smith IV, Esq.The Smith Family Law Firm, P.A.
Min So, Esq.Min H. So Law Firm, P.A.
Celeste Thacker, Esq.BurrForman
Bill Umansky, Esq.The Umansky Law Firm
Zahra Umansky, Esq.The Umansky Law Firm
Basil Valdivia, Esq.Morgan & Morgan P.A.
David Varet, Esq.Bourdon & Race, PLLC
Ryan Vescio, Esq.ShuffieldLowman
Bart Vickers, Esq.CSK Legal
Nancy Weber, Esq.Sasser & Weber, P.A.
Damon Weiss, Esq.Weiss, Grunor, et al
Carrie-Ann Wozinak, Esq.Akerman LLP
Melvin Wright, Esq.Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, LLC


Adrienn N. Toth, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Re-elect Judge Apte!”
Alex Pearson, Esq.Law Offices of Alexander Pearson“This is one of the most prepared and knowledgeable judges I have ever stood before.”
Amanda Jacobson, Esq.Jacobson, Chmelir & Ferwerda“I have had the privelege of appearing before Judge Apte for over 10 years. I am always impressed by his concentration on the cases in his courtroom and how personally he considers the facts in each case. In the Domestic Court, Judge Apte took each case by the facts presented and spent time considering the best results for the parties and the children involved. He truly goes the extra mile for the public when they have to come to court.”
Amanda Sampaio Bova, Esq.Law Office of Corey Cohen“I have appeared before Judge Apte on numerous occasions over the years. He has always given both sides a fair shake and is respectful to all parties. He is really focused on following the law and his legal knowledge is superior. Scheduling hearing time has always been smooth and efficient. I strongly endorse keeping Judge Apte!”
Amy BallonFortune International“Judge Apte embodies all the qualities of a leader in his community and has a deep commitment to justice. His calm and pragmatic approach I’ve witnessed first hand while dealing with a domestic violence victims during her most vulnerable moments. The compassion and kindness I have seen him display creates a confidence and sense of hope that this is a Judge for the people not the politics.”
Andrew Chmelir, Esq.Jacobson, Chmelir & Ferwerda
Andrew Moses, Esq.Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law
Andrew Nickolaou, Esq.Bernal-Mora & Nickolaou, P.A.“Judge Alan Apte understands the law, understands fairness, and is committed to treating every litigant with dignity. We know that people get reason and fairness in his courtroom and that Judge Apte applies the law without fear or favor. He is by far the right choice and the only choice for this elected seat. I wholeheartedly recommend Judge Alan Apte for re-election.”
Angeli Murthy, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“We need even, fair, judges on the bench. Judge Apte has been one for over a decade.”
Arlene VellonVellon Law Firm“I endorse Circuit Judge Alan Apte for re-election as Circuit Judge, Orange and Osceola. “
Andrew Windle, Esq. Windle Family Law Firm“Judge Apte has proven his commitment to our community with his passion to pursue justice with his knowledge of law and his ethical standards. He is a constant presence on the bench and has served day in and out to improve and protect Central Florida.”
Aurora McCreary, Esq.Weiss, Grunor & Barnett“I have appeared before Judge Apte many times over the years in my practice and never left a hearing without a further knowledge of the case law surrounding the hearing. Each appearance Judge Apte was not only well versed in the statutes but also considerate of the specific facts of the case and need for guidance in these difficult matters. Judge Apte always treated each litigant with fairness and kindness regardless of their representation. I endorse Judge Apte for re-election as Circuit Judge for Orange and Osceola Counties.”
Barry Miller, Esq.Barry L. Miller, P.A.“I endorse wholeheartedly Circuit Judge Alan Apte for re-election as 9th Circuit Judge for Orange and Osceola counties.”
Basil Valdivia, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“I’ve known Judge Apte for over 25 years. Orange and Osceola County are fortunate to have him serving our community. In these polarizing times a man of his impartiality, intellect, and demeanor is needed now more than ever.”
Bill Ponall, Esq.Bill Ponall “Judge Apte is experienced and hard working. He listens carefully to arguments from both sides in an effort to reach the correct decisions. Judge Apte is always happy to share his time with the local legal community. These qualities make him an asset to the Ninth Circuit.”
Blaise Fischbach, Esq.Paul Knopf Bigger“I endorse Judge Apte as he has consistently been fair and just.”
Bob HansellRetired Osceola County Sheriff “I have worked with Judge Apte for many years and he is an outstanding and compassionate Judge. He understands our community and we need to keep him on the bench.”
Bonnie JacksonBonnie Jackson“Qualified Jurist”
Brandon Smith, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Great judge! “
Brian Sandor Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Judge Apte brings a wealth of knowledge, patience, and experience to the bench. He is one of the most active members of our judiciary, always volunteering and serving our community. Judge Apte will continue to be a pillar of what we look for in our community leaders and elected officials.”
Brian T. Wilson, Esq.Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, Past President, Orange County Bar Association
Bruce B. Blackwell, Esq.Past President, Orange County Bar Association, Past Executive Director, Florida Bar Foundation“Judge Apte is both fair and impartial, two qualities critical to maintaining a strong judiciary.”
Carlos E. Payas, Esq.Payas Payas & Payas, LLP“Judge Apte is an excellent job who has the respect of those who appear before him.”
Charles T. Wells, Esq.GrayRobinson, Past President, Orange County Bar Association“Judge Apte has served well the administration of justice in our community exceptionally well.”
Chris Steinhaus, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Judge Apte has served on the bench for over ten (10) years with great dignity, integrity and fairness.”
Christina Green, Esq.Women’s Family Law Firm“I enthusiastically support Alan Apte for re-election as Orange and Osceola County Circuit Judge. Through the years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Judge Apte professionally both in my Domestic Relations cases and my Domestic Violence cases in front of him. Judge Apte’s dedication to justice is evident through his time on the bench which has been marked by integrity, professionalism, and dedication to the law. Judge Apte demonstrates all of the qualities of a great judge, and has proven himself to be a leader. I fully support the re-election of Alan Apte for Circuit Judge.”
Christopher J Atcachunas, Esq.Atcachunas Law Firm, P.A.“I have appeared in front of Judge Apte for over 14 years. During that time, I have found Judge Apte to be fair, unbiased and respectful. His knowledge of the law is second to none. I give my full endorsement.”
Cindy D. Kreitner WeissAflac Team Weiss & Associates “Judge Apte is experienced, fair and hardworking. He takes his role very seriously and is one of the very valued Judges on the bench. Please re elect!”
Cord Grimes, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Judge Apte has served with great honor and dignity during his many years on the bench. He is well-versed in the many challenging legal issues that come before the Court and will continue to serve to the benefit of our community. “
Damien Prosser, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Excellent Judge.”
Coretta Anthony-Smith, Esq.Anthony-Smith Law, P.A.“Judge Apte is fair and honest. He embodies the characteristics and integrity that all judges should have. It is refreshing to appear in front of a judge who listens, abides by and upholds the law. His experience on the bench and respect for all proves that he should be re-elected as a Circuit Judge in the Ninth Judicial Circuit.”
Dane Jordan, Esq.Morgan & Morgan PA“If reputation matters to you, Judge Apte should be on your list of public servants. “
Daniel Morgan, Esq.Morgan & Morgan P.A.“Proud to endorse Judge Apte, he truly cares about the people.”
Daniel W Tumarkin, Esq.Tumarkin Law Offices“Judge Apte has always shown himself to be fair and knowledgeable about the law.”
David Bigney, Esq.Bigney Law Firm“For the past 18 years, Judge Apte has been a fair, unbiased and efficient judge. He is experienced, kind and patient. He has proven to be a tremendous asset to our community. Re-elect Judge Apte. “
Dave Harris, Esq.Dave Harris, P.A.“Judge Apte is an extraordinary resource in this community. He is a very knowledgeable, fair minded judge.”
David B. King, Esq.King Blackwell Zehnder & Wermuth, Past President, Orange County Bar Association“I endorse Judge Apte’s re-election for Circuit Judge. “
David L. Evans, Esq.Mateer & Harbert, P.A.“Judge Apte is a skilled and experienced Circuit Court judge and I enthusiastically endorse his re-election.”
David VaretRegional Conflict Counsel’s Office“More than most on the bench, Judge Apte possess the all too rare but absolutely essential equality of a jurist: to be able to make the right ruling even when it is unpopular. More importantly, he does such while giving each party the open ear and respect to which they are entitled. It is always an honor to appear before Judge Apte.”
David A. Spain, Esq.Morgan & Morgan P.A.“Judge Apte is well respected and knows the law.”
David Webster, Esq.Law Office of David A. Webster, P.A.“One of the fairest and impartial judge you will find. Runs a great, efficient courtroom and treats all who appear before him with respect and dignity.”
Dean Bartzokis, Esq.Ali & Blankner“Judge Apte is always a pleasure to practice in front of. He makes just rulings, treats all who enter his courtroom with respect, and is incredibly intelligent. I can honestly say I learn something new every time I practice in his courtroom. Orange County is lucky to have him as a Judge.”
Debbie Ferwerda, Esq.Jacobson Chmelir & Ferwerda“Judge Apte is smart, fair and, most important, a pleasure to be in front of. I highly endorse him.”
Debra Wilkinson Botwin, Esq.Debra Wilkinson Botwin, LLC“I have appeared before Judge Apte many times. Each time, Judge Apte is always prepared for each hearing and knowledgeable about the issues and the law. Judge Apte’s attention to detail is exceptional. I support Judge Apte to be re-elected.”
Donald R. Henderson, Esq.Mateer & Harbert. P.A.“I have known Judge Apte for years. He is a caring, hardworking jurist. I highly recommend him for re-election for Circuit Judge.”
Donna C. Hung, Esq.Donna Hung Law Group“Judge Apte is a pleasure to appear in front of. He is extremely knowledgeable, fair, and respected in the legal community. He has my full endorsement.”
Donya Alkhatib, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“I fully endorse Circuit Judge Alan Apte for re-election as Orange/Osceola Circuit Judge. He has a proven track record of being a fair and respectful Judge which he will no doubt continue during his tenure on the Bench.”
Dr. Netta ShakedDr. Netta Shaked, P.A.“Judge Apte is an informed judge, always learning and always staying abreast of issues. I have witnessed how genuinely interested he is in the content of family law conferences and how he welcomes consultation with multi-disciplinary colleagues. Aside from being knowledgeable, Judge is also compassionate and approachable. Judge Apte has devoted his career to being a judge, and it shows.”
Eben C Self, Esq.Law Office of Eben C Self“I have known Judge Apte for over thirty years, both professionally and personally. From our experience in law school, to our first jobs as young prosecutors, to his current position as judge, Alan has shown the intellectual capacity and demeanor to be the best at whatever he does. I wholeheartedly endorse his campaign for re-election and encourage all to support him. He is an excellent and fair jurist and his experience is needed now more than ever.”
Edmund A. NormandNormand PLLC“I endorse Judge Apte because he has shown over the years to be smart, experienced and fair.”
Eric Barker, Esq.NeJame Law“Judge Apte has served our community admirably as a circuit judge ever since he took the bench. He seeks to do justice on every case he presides over and is a man of high integrity. I fully endorse Alan Apte.”
Eric J Dirga, Esq. Eric J DIrga P.A.“Judge Apte has served this community as for many years as a fair and even handed judge. There is no reason to replace him.”
Evelyn Cranford, Esq.Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.“I have known Judge Apte for many years, first as an Assistant State Attorney then as a member of the judiciary for the Ninth Judicial Circuit, for Orange and Osceola Counties. Judge Apte has always conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and dignity. On the bench, he treats others with respect and listens to all sides prior to rendering a ruling. Judge Apte is fair and intelligent and has served the citizens of our community well over the years.
I wholeheartedly support and endorse Judge Apte for retention on the bench.”
Fay Olga Pappas, Esq.Bailey Fisher, PLLC“We continue to need good judges and we cannot afford to lose one now. Keep Judge Apte.”
Felipe Mavromatis, Esq.Morgan & Morgan P.A.“A fair judge who understands and respects issues brought before him.”
Fermin Lopez, Esq.Colling, Gilbert, Wright & Carter LLC“Judge Apte is not only an exemplary jurist, but he is the consummate public servant – replacing Judge Apte would be a tremendous disservice to the residents of the Ninth Circuit. “
Frank Kruppenbacher, Esq.Morgan & Morgan P.A.“Excellent Judge with the perfect temperament!”
Frederick J. Lauten, Esq.Former Chief Judge, Ninth Circuit Court“I worked as a colleague with Judge Apte in the Ninth Circuit. Judge Apte is an intelligent, thoughtful and unbiased jurist. He has served the citizens of Florida well for decades and I strongly recommend he be retained as a Circuit Court judge.”
Gene Shipley, Esq.GrayRobinson, Past President, Orange County Bar Association
Gina Kimmel, Esq.Morgan & Morgan P.A.“Great man. Great Judge. We need to keep judges like him on the bench. “
Gregory Krak, Esq.The Nation Law Firm“Judge Apte has been a great judge for several years and we need to keep him there.”
Hal Litchford, Esq.Baker Donelson, P.A.“Excellent judge.”
Hal Roen, Esq.Hal Roen P.A.“Judge Apte should be reelected. He is what being a good judge is all about. He is fair, but stern coupled with being compassionate. He is prepared on his cases, he is professional in his courtroom and he is respectful of the parties, witnesses and the lawyers. His 18 years on the bench has earned him respect of lawyers and those who appear in his court.”
Heather Meglino, Esq. Spire Law LLC“Judge Apt embodies exactly the kind of judge our community needs and deserves. He is compassionate, intelligent, charitable, and committed, and I cannot imagine anyone else in this position. He is an asset to our judiciary and our community and I strongly endorse his reelection.”
Hector LizasuainDirector, Planning & Government Affairs at Magic Development, LLC
Israel Reyes, Esq.The Reyes Law Firm, P.A.“I served with Judge Apte when I was a Circuit Court Judge in Miami. He is held in high regard and is well respected by his fellow Judges.”
Jack Cook, Esq.Morgan & Morgan P.A.“Balanced and fair jurist who has a great knowledge of the law. Enthusiastically endorse for re-election and continued service to our community.”
Jaime Moses, Esq.Past President of the Orange County Bar Association, Holland & Knight, Past President of the Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers
James R. Lussier, Esq. Mateer Harbert, P.A.“Reading all the other endorsements causes me to endorse the endorsers! Well said, everyone! Vote for Alan Apte for Judge.”
James W. Nuebel, Esq. James W. Nuebel“I endorse Judge Alan Apte for re-election as Circuit Court Judge for Orange and Osceola.”
Jason P. Herman, Esq.Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys “Over the course of his judicial career, Judge Apte has shown his commitment to the community and to the legal profession by administering justice fairly and displaying an even tempered judicial demeanor. He has earned the respect of lawyers, non-lawyers and litigants who appear in front of him. Judge Apte has earned the right to continue to serve the Ninth Judicial Circuit. “
Jeff Aaron, Esq.Gray Robinson“Judge Apte has always been fair, diligent, and well reasoned. He gives all parties the time and attention they deserve. Quality judge and we need to keep him!”
Jeffrey Byrd, Esq.Jeffrey M. Byrd, P.A.“Judge Apte is a great, caring Judge, and the legal world needs more people like him in it. I fully endorse him.”
Jenny Sullivan Esq.GrayRobinson
Joel Leppard, Esq.Bengal Law: Florida Accident Lawyers and Personal Injury Attorneys PLLC“I’ve appeared before Judge Apte and, in my opinion, he is smart, hard-working and fair. He has a thorough understanding of the law and is dedicated to understanding the intricacies of subtle case holdings. Judge Apte is willing to make the right call, even if it is not always popular. As an added bonus, Judge Apte is tech-savvy and was an early adopter of technological solutions to the COVID crisis in the legal system.”
Jo O. Thacker, Esq.Nelson Mullins“It is more important than ever to have wisdom and fairness present in our court system. Judge Alan Apte demonstrates both. New legal issues will be forthcoming from the COVID pandemic and law enforcement process changes. We need a judge who will carefully consider the law and apply it equally among our citizens. Judge Apte is that judge and we need to make sure he stays on the bench for another term.”
John Fisher, Esq.Fisher Rushmer P.A., Past President, Orange County Bar Association“Good, solid Judge with balanced experience”
John Guidry, Esq.Law Office of John Guidry, P.A.“I hired on an expunge recently, serious stuff, I know. I clicked on an “Order Denying” something on this cap sex case. It was almost a hundred pages. I’m reading this Order, it was a super tough decision to make, and a decision that 62.45% of the judge’s out there don’t have the guts to make. At the end of this Order, I see Judge Apte’s signature. Yes, of course. Judge Apte knows the law and gives you a well-reasoned opinion of why he’s granting/denying. And most importantly, he is never afraid to make a tough call. Refreshing. We need more of this. Please keep Alan on the bench.”
John Morgan, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“I highly recommend Judge Alan Apte.”
John Notari, Esq.Sigman & Notari, P.A.“I have known Judge Apte for nearly 25 years. His dedication to the law and problem solving are unmatched.”
John D. Robinson, Esq.Dean Ringers Morgan & Lawton“Judge Apte is fair and impartial and always treats attorneys and their clients with respect in his courtroom.”
Jonathan Mills, Esq.Law Office of Jonathan Mills“Judge Apte is fair, efficient, professional, and extremely knowledgeable.”
Jordan Michael Ostroff Esq.Jordan Law FL“Judge Apte is a huge asset to our bench and our community. Having practiced in front of him as well as seen his great work for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida, he has my full and unfettered support.”
Jose Rodriquez Esq.Jose Rodriquez P.A.“I have known Judge Apte for several years. I had several cases with him as a prosecutor and have practiced before him as a judge. As a prosecutor, he was always fair, transparent, knowledgeable and good to work with. As a judge, I can say the same. He is efficient but accommodating when necessary. He has always dealt with me and my clients with dignity, fairness, professionalism and respect. These are just some of the reasons Judge Apte should be re-elected.”
Josue Merino, Esq.Forest Lake Law, P.A.“I have had the pleasure of practicing in front of the Honorable Judge Apte for many years. He has always shown a passion for justice and through knowledge base as it pertains to the law and the facts of any particular case. More meaningful to me as a practicing Attorney is his ability to utilize a “common sense” methodology to bringing about the efficient administration of his cases. In my experience, he has utilized his judicial discretion wisely and within the confines of what is required as a Judicial Officer. I would recommend his re-election and endorse him.”
Julia L. Frey, Esq.Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor and Reed P.A., Past President, Orange County Bar Association“I fully endorse Judge Apte. “
Karen LeafPresident of Paralegal Division of Osceola County Bar Association“He has proven over the years he is qualified and should remain in his Judicial Seat withThe Ninth District.”
Kathleen S. Davies, Esq.The Davies Law Firm, LLC“I have appeared in front of Judge Apte many times over the past several years and have always found him to be extremely well-prepared, fair and even-tempered. He is an outstanding judge who really cares about truth and justice.”
Kathleen Flammia, Esq.Flammia Elder Law Firm“Judge Apte is an intelligent Judge with an excellent demeanor. It is always a pleasure to appear in front of him.
Kathryn Anderson, Esq.Overchuck Law Firm“I fully support and endorse Alan Apte for Circuit Court Judge. He has the experience, integrity and temperament that we need on the bench.”
Keersten Heskin Martinez, Esq.Heskin Martinez Law Group“We need experienced and compassionate jurists. Judge Apte is both. I wholeheartedly endorse Judge Apte.”
Kelley Lester, Esq.Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys“Judge Apte is committed to our community and the fair application of law. His track record serving on the Bench speaks for itself.”
Kelsey Sandor, Esq.Maaswinkel Law“Judge Apte is the epitome of a fair and just jurist. His knowledge of the law, passion, and strong work ethic make him one of the best judges we have on the bench.”
Kelsey Weiss, Esq.Mateer & Harbert, P.A.“Judge Apte is a pillar in this community, not only because of he is an intelligent and fair Judge, but because he truly cares about making this community better. He takes the time to be involved in the bar associations and attend events, even remotely, which makes him approachable. I truly appreciate being able to learn from his example.”
Kendell Ali, Esq.Ali & Blankner“Judge Apte is the peak of professionalism. I’ve had the opportunity to practice in front of Judge Apte in many capacities. He is always been courteous, compassionate, fair and just. Judge Apte is a credit to our profession and and we are blessed to have him serve our community.”
Kristy WilsonAncient Regime Antiques“I’ve know Judge Apte and his family for the greater part of my life. His continuing influence on the Central Florida community would only benefit us for the greater good. “
Lauren Heatwole, Esq.Heatwole Law Firm, P.A.“Judge Apte is an incredible asset to the bench and should be re-elected!”
Laurie JayMorgan & Morgan, P.A.“I have known Alan for over 20 years. He is a huge asset to the bench. Happy to support him any way I can.”
Leslie Thomas, Esq.“Judge Apte strives to know the law and apply it fairly. He is always courteous and the professional. He is approachable and available to attorneys who may need help or guidance in the legal profession. He is a good friend to many.”
Linda DurrePsychotherapist, Author, Expert Witness.“I had a difficult child custody case many years ago. It was contentious. The 8 year old boy reported that his father had held scissors to his throat and a knife over his ear and that he was abusive. The boy stated that he would find small bottles of alcohol under his bed when he had to stay at his father’s house, which he didn’t want to do. It was Sunday afternoon and the mother called me saying that her son did not want to return to the father’s home. I told both the mother and the son that the boy might have to go to temporary housing or foster care. The boy replied, “It’s better than staying at my dad’s.” I told him that I would have to talk with the on-call judge to get permission if he didn’t want to go to his father’s and that there was no guarantee he could stay at his mother’s. I called the emergency number and Judge Alan Apte was on-call. I discussed the situation with Judge Apte, who was an excellent listener. He asked all the right questions. Judge Apte allowed that the boy did not have to return to his father’s home. I was so relieved and I’ve been grateful to Judge Alan Apte ever since. His compassion, wisdom, common sense, and fairness shine through. We need more judges like him in the courts. Please vote for Judge Alan Apte.”
Lisa Franchina, Esq.Law Offices of Lisa A. Franchina“I had the pleasure of working with Judge Apte when he was a young lawyer working at the State Attorney’s Office and have also appeared before him many times during his long tenure on the bench. Judge Apte is an experienced jurist who is fair and well-respected. He diligently carries out his duties and treats all those who appear before him with the utmost respect. I enthusiastically endorse Judge Apte for re-election.
Lori Loftis, Esq.“Judge Apte is knowledgeable, fair, and caring. He treats those involved in guardianship and mental health cases with compassion and understanding. His service to the community is truly outstanding. Judge Apte is an asset to Orange County, and I am happy to support his re-election.”
Lori Wurtzel, Esq. Wurtzel Law, PLLC“As a young Public Defender, I was assigned to Judge Apte and spent over a year practicing nearly exclusively in his courtroom. Judge Apte prides himself in understanding and knowing the law in a more detailed and nuanced way than any other judge I know. He truly stands on the side of the law, and what is right, above all and, despite his admirable neutrality, still finds a way to stand up for what is right. I proudly and confidently endorse Judge Alan Apte for reelection.”
Mark Lippman, Esq.Lippman Law Offices, P.A.“Fantastic Judge with the interest of the citizens at heart.”
Mary Ann Morgan, Esq.Morgan Trial Law, Past President, Orange County Bar Association“Judge Apte is one of the Ninth Circuit’s most respected judges. He is well prepared, impartial and has tremendous judicial temperament. He selflessly gives back to the community by volunteering his time to benefit those less fortunate.”
Matthews Bark, Esq.Law Office of Matthews R. Bark, P.A.“Judge Apte is fair, compassionate, and wise. It would be a disservice to the people of the 9th judicial circuit to lose him. We need judges, like Judge Apte, who have judicial experience and life experience. Judge Apte has my full support. “
Melissa Vickers, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Judge Apte is professional and fair minded. He has been an excellent example of the judiciary.”
Michael Brown, Esq. Law Office of Michael S. Brown, PLLC“Judge Apte is a genuine person and a fair judge. I have tried a jury trial in front of him and other proceedings.”
Michael L. Grossman, Esq.Grossman Law, P.A.“Judge Apte is an absolutely tremendous judge and a credit to the Ninth Circuit. He is thoughtful, impartial, and genuinely cares for both the laws and citizens of our county. He has an unparalleled understanding of the law and respect for anyone who steps into his courtroom, whether as a party or attorney. Highly endorsed for re-election.”
Michael P Sampson, Esq.Sampson Collaborative Law PLLC“Alan Apte’s parents instilled in him qualities that connect him to and help him understand families (today, May 15, 2020, is International Day of Families): humility, persistence, practicality, and common sense. These qualities in a judge matter…a lot.”
Michael Vaughn, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“A must!”
Michael Morrison, Esq.“Law Office of Michael Morrison”“I am proud to endorse Judge Apt because of his efforts to promote civility and professionalism in the courtroom.”
Michael E. ZMijewski, Esq.Morgan & Morgan P.A.“Judge Apte is well respected and knows the law.”
Michael Woodard, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Great and knowledgeable judge.”
Michele Bernard, Esq.Holistic Legal, P.A.“Judge Apte is a dedicated and honest public servant who deserves to continue his work on the bench as a circuit judge. He is fair, honest, and he always puts the children first in all of his cases. I respect his professionalism and his genuineness.”
Nathan Carter, Esq.Colling, Gilbert, Wright & Carter LLC“Judge Apte has a proven record of being prepared, knowledgeable and fair. Lawyers on both sides appreciate his demeanor and neutral approach. We wholeheartedly endorse his re-election.”
Nicholas Panagakis, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, PA“Judge Apte is a person of great intellect, wisdom, and the highest character and ethics. He has served our community with dignity and respect and has earned the right to continuing serving the citizens of the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida.”
Norberto Katz, Esq. Veliz Katz Law“It is my pleasure and honor to endorse Judge Alan Apte for re-election to the Circuit Court. Judge Apte possesses all the qualities we look for in our Judges. He is fair, courteous, impartial and treats all those appearing before him with respect and kindness, no matter who they are, what their background is or how difficult the situation is. There is no question that Judge Apte is the most qualified candidate in his race who merits re-election. The citizens of Orange and Osceola County will be well served by his re-election.”
Norman Levin, Esq.Norman D. Levin, P.A. “As an attorney who has practiced before Judge Apte, I know him to be fair, courteous and very knowledgeable and always patient with those who appear before him. He deserves to be returned to the bench for another term.”
Phil Stiles, Esq.The Nation Law Firm“I endorse Alan Apte for re-election as Circuit Judge for Orange and Osceola Counties.”
Patricia A. Cashman, Esq.Patricia A. Cashman, P.A.“Experienced, dedicated , knowledgeable, hard working, intelligent, and professional. An asset to the bench and the community. “
Richard E. Hornsby, Esq.Richard E. Hornsby, P.A.“Judge Apte is one of the fairest judges I have been in front of. He doesn’t pick favorites, he just fairly applies the law, and regardless of what side of the case you were on, you leave the courtroom knowing that he made the just decision.”
Robert N. Hemphill, Esq.Cullen & Hemphill, PLC“I endorse Judge Alan Apte without hesitation. He possesses several traits that make him an outstanding judge. He has proven to be fair-minded, hard-working and conscientious. He understands the importance of his role in the justice system and is thoughtful in his efforts to reach the correct legal decision. His approachable nature enables a thorough discussion of important legal issues. Judge Apte is an asset to our community and I recommend others support him for Ninth Circuit Court Judge. “
Roy J. Smith, IV, Esq.The Smith Family Law Firm, P.A.“I wholeheartedly provide my endorsement, and the endorsement of my firm, to Judge Alan Apte. Judge Apte brings a level of professionalism and compassion to the bench which is rather unparalleled. My clients are dealing with life-altering, raw, and massively emotional issues. Judge Apte never makes them feel like an inconvenience or a nuisance and also provides a level of reliability and seamless application of the law which is greatly appreciated. With the exception of Judge Apte, in all my years of practice, I have never been before a judge who after ruling, even if the ruling is against my client, is heaped with praise by my clients such as, “At least he is fair” and “I’m just glad we have a good judge in our case.” I know cases I have before Judge Apte will not sit stagnant. I know my cases with Judge Apte will be treated with the care and consideration they merit. I also know that the clients and attorneys before Judge Apte will receive the benefit of equal expectations and often needed guidance in these difficult matters. Given his knowledge of the law, his experience in handling complex matters, and his meticulous record of professionalism and kindness, it would be a complete disservice to the people of Orange and Osceola County if we were to lose Alan Apte as a Circuit Judge of the 9th Judicial Circuit. He has my support and unhesitating endorsement.”
Ryan Christopher Rodems, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Judge Apte is very knowledgeable on the law, hard working and he has a great demeanor. He is an experienced judge, and now more than ever, we need stability in the bench. “
Russell F Bergin, Esq.Law Office of Russell F Bergin“I have known Judge Apte since we both started as Prosecutors. He has always been diligent, thoughtful and fair. The same qualities that he brought to the Prosecutor’s Office have been evident as he has served as a Judge.”
Paul SanGiovanni, Esq.Morgan & Morgan P.A. Past President, Orange County Bar Association“I am an attorney in Orlando, a past president of the Orange County Bar Association and a current Governor on the Board of Governors of the Florida Bar. I have known Circuit Judge Alan Apte for many years. He has an outstanding reputation as a fair, hard-working, intelligent, prepared, patient, open-minded, courteous, compassionate and understanding judge. Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse Judge Apte for re-election as Circuit Judge, Orange and Osceola.”
Patricia L. Tumarkin, Esq.Tumarkin & Burns, P.A.“The Ninth Circuit needs Judge Apte’s wisdom and experience now more than ever. Judge Apte is intelligent, caring, hard-working and time-tested. He deserves another term in office.”
Pete GauntlettChief of Police, Chief of Police“I proudly endorse Judge Apte to be re-elected as a Circuit Court Judge.”
R. Daniel Knuth, Esq.Paul Knopf Bigger“I endorse Circuit Judge Alan Apte for re-election as Circuit Judge.”
Rebecca Blechman, EsqThe Callan Law Firm, P.A.“I have had the pleasure of knowing Judge Apte professionally and personally for over a decade. To be in his courtroom is like a breath of fresh air. You can walk in confident that he’s read the briefs and pleadings, and always walk out with a fair and impartial result. I am honored to be able to endorse Judge Apte for re-election.”
Reginald Lisowski, Esq.Afflis & Lisowski P.A.“Alan has earned another term.”
Richard S. Dellinger, Esq.Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor and Reed P.A., Past President, Orange County Bar Association
Richard Nick Kelley, Esq.Richard Nick Kelley, P.A.“I highly recommend Judge Apte in his re-election bid. He is hard working, knowledgeable and fair to all that enter his courtroom.”
Rick Mitchell, Esq.GrayRobinson, P.A.“Judge Apte has consistently displayed the legal intellect, fairness and judicious temperament required to serve our citizens and profession with honor. It is a blessing to have him on the bench, and I unreservedly endorse his re-election.”
Robert Moore, Ph.D.Retired“Judge Apte has shown himself to be a very honest, capable, and fair-minded judge during his years on the bench. Knowing him personally, I can also say he is an extremely decent and caring individual. Floridians are in good hands with people like Alan Apte serving as judges.”
Russell J. Frank, Esq.CPLS, P.A.“I wholeheartedly endorse Judge Alan Apte for re-election to the Circuit Court bench. Having practiced in front of Judge Apte for several years I can attest that he has the legal knowledge, temperament and disposition to continue serving our community for many years to come. Judge Apte has always shown the highest level of respect for the litigants and attorneys appearing before him and continues to demonstrate his commitment to equal justice for all of those appearing before him.”
Scott G. Miller, Esq.“Alan is an outstanding member of the judiciary. Above all he is fair minded and listens. We need more judges with the skills he has so amply displayed during his time on the bench.”
Scott McMillen, EsqMcMillen Law, Past President of the Central Florida Trial Lawyers Association, Past President of the Orange County Bar Association, Past President of the Orange County Legal Aid Society, and Past Governor of the Florida Bar Association
Scott Richman, Esq.McDonald Toole Wiggins P.A.“I have known Judge Apte for more than 10 years through our mutual involvement in community volunteering. I have seen him serve the community as a consummate professional, lending his fair and balance reasoning and support to Central Florida charities. His reputation in the community is beyond reproach, and he has always been admired by his peers. Orange County is lucky to have a jurist like Judge Apte presiding over its controversies. I wholeheartedly endorse Judge Apte for reelection”
Senator Gary SiplinSiplin Law“Over the past decade, Judge Apte has always treated my community with respect and justice. It continues to be a pleasure to appear before a well-balanced jurist who treats your clients like they MATTER! Thank you Judge Apte.”
Shannon Laurie, Esq.Attorney General“I have had the opportunity to litigate before Judge Apte in criminal court. Judge Apte embodies all virtues that come to mind when exercising judicial temperament. He is fair and impartial, courteous, and most importantly, follows the law. I fully endorse the re-election of Judge Apte for Circuit Judge of Orange and Osceola Counties.”
Seth Hyman, Esq.Seth Hyman Law“I was lucky to be assigned to Judge Apte’s courtroom as a prosecutor a few years ago. He had a pleasant and easy-going demeanor that made going to court everyday enjoyable. Judge Apte ran his courtroom well and clearly tried to make the criminal justice process smooth for both the State, Defense, the courtroom deputies and clerks. Additionally, he was empathetic and thoughtful when considering the plight of the accused while weighing the good of the community. I highly recommend Judge Alan Apte for re-election.”
Skip Smith AAI, ARM, MLISPWS & CO.
Spencer Rhodes, Esq.Law Office of Spencer Rhodes“I have had regular opportunities to observe and interact with Alan Apte in the courtroom for more than 20 years. Judge Apte has proven himself to be intelligent, engaged, judicious, and efficient in his work as a circuit judge.”
Stefano Batista-Cagan, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Great Judge!”
Stephen Price, Esq.Cramer, Price & de Armas, P.A.“Alan has demonstrated the temperament, patience and professionalism required for an effective judge.”
Stephen Sambol, Esq.Mateer Harbert, P.A.“We need more honest and impartial judges like Alan Apte”
Steve LearyMayor, City of Winter Park“I support Judge Alan Apte’s reelection.”
Steve W. Marsee, Esq.Steve W. Marsee, P.A.I’ve appeared in front of Judge Apte for over 20 years now and in every situation, I’ve found him to be well-versed in the law. he has the unique skill of finding solutions to problems in our cases too. Particular;ly in Family Law cases. These solutions help the parties save time, money and needless emotional; anguish. That’s what a great Judge does and Alan Apte is indeed a great Judge and we must keep him.
Todd E Copeland, Esq.Todd E. Copeland and Assoc., PA“I am honored to endorse Judge Apte for another term on the Circuit Court Bench. As a Past President of the Florida Justice Association/Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, I understand what the Civil Justice system requires to bring justice to our citizens in the legal system. Judge Apte embodies all of the characteristics necessary and leads our community through a life of service to others. I cannot imagine our legal community without his knowledge, experience and leadership. I urge others to once again support Judge Apte for Ninth Circuit Court Judge.”
Tony Sos, Esq. Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP“Judge Apte is experienced, understanding, smart and knowledgeable. He has the unique well-needed temperament. He is an excellent judge and will continue to serve our community well.”
Tyler R. Kobylinski, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Judge Apte is an important part of the judiciary in the Ninth Circuit. He is knowledgeable, just, and committed to the work he does. The Ninth Circuit would not be the same without him on the bench.”
Thomas P. Wert, Esq.Dean Mead, Past President, Orange County Bar Association
Thomas Zehnder, Esq.King Blackwell Zehnder & Wermuth, P.A, Past President, Orange County Bar Association“Judge Apte is an outstanding jurist and an asset to our local bench. He is fair, just, and thoughtful, and his commitment to equality under the law is unmatched. Our community is fortunate to have Judge Apte! “
Varun Ramnarine, Esq.Morgan & Morgan, P.A.“Judge Apte is knowledgeable, fair, always very well prepared and has the perfect temperament for a judge. He is the epitome of what a public servant should be. “
Warren Lindsey, Esq.Law Firm“Judge Alan Apte is among the most outstanding and experienced Judges in Florida. He is extremely hard working and knowledgeable is all aspects of legal matters coming before the Courts, and is always courteous, respectful and professional to all who appear before him. Judge Apte has provided exceptional service and dedication to the Central Florida community throughout his long career. I strongly endorse him for re-election.”
William Afflis, Esq.Afflis & Lisowski P.A.“Alan Apte has earned another term.”
William McClellan, Esq.William J. McClellan, P.A.“An excellent judge.”
William Orth, Esq.Law Office is William S. Orth“I have known Judge Apte since he first took the bench. He is very knowledgeable and has a good temperament. His temperament shows particularly when dealing wit unrepresented litigants.”
Wayne L. Helsby, Esq.Allen, Norton & Blue, P.A“I am happy to endorse Judge Apte. He has been a fantastic Judge for our circuit.”
Wayne L. Helsby, Esq. Allen, Norton & Blue, P.A“I am happy to endorse Judge Apte. He has been a fantastic Judge for our circuit.”
Adam Littman, Esq.Adam Ross Littman, P.A.“I endorse Judge Apte because he is always prepared, he is well versed in the law, and he is fair and impartial to all sides. We are fortunate to have him on our bench!”
Ana “Ani” Rodriguez-Newbern, Esq.Tangel-Rodriguez & Associates | Past President of the OCBA Foundation and 2018 HBACF President“In Circuit Judge, Group 21, Judge Alan Apte absolutely deserves your vote! My first court appearance was in front of Judge Apte, and I have appeared before him on hundreds more cases over the years. In my opinion, he is smart, hard-working, and follows the law. His experience is unparalleled in this group. I am grateful to call him a mentor.”

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